No More Guessing

Now, you can take action
based on your own DNA

From TV commercials to friends and family, we are bombarded with suggestions about which vitamins and supplements to take. But how to know which nutrients your body needs?

Look no further than to the guru of you.

Your DNA can reveal your body's precise nutritional requirements. And we can turn these requirements into your own precise nutritional formula. Made just for you.

ÜFORIA Science® Healthy Aging DNA Report

Your custom DNA report produces 18 key, actionable SNPs

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs)

These are variants that naturally occur in genes, causing changes in their function(s). Some SNPs determine characteristics such as hair, eye and skin color. The 18 SNPs in your ÜFORIA Science® Healthy Aging DNA Report are all "actionable," meaning their function can be influenced by factors such as nutrition.

1. The 18 SNPs in your ÜFORIA Science® Healthy Aging DNA Report

Ütrition® is complete nutrition formulated just for you.

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